Oct 2

Racist Moments of 2012, Pt.1 ~The Workplace~





TW for racism, homophobia, transphobia.  If you can read it, though, do, since his story needs to get out there.


In August I worked full time at a start up in San Francisco, a gaming company in the financial District.  For reasons I outline at the end of this recollection, I cannot name the company or use the real names of anyone in the office I discuss.  I can say that ironically, months before working there, I took a picture of one of their (MANY) ads plastered all over the downtown BART stations, as well as in the trains themselves:

Yeah, I worked for that misleading eyesore.  I was offered the job while I was at a coffee shop a few blocks from my new spot in Oakland, maybe not even a week after returning to The Bay from New Orleans.  I was approached by a person who runs a contracting “company,” hiring video game testers to work at various game companies.  Literally, he walked up to me as I was drinking coffee and doing computery things and asked “Excuse, do you play video games?” 


He gave me his contact info and walked away. I turned to Li like “was that for real or was he being an uber creep and hitting on me?” At this point I wish it was the latter and nothing more came of it.

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This needs to get out more.  That shit isn’t remotely OK, and it’s endemic to the tech industry.  I hope they’re paying his kids’ college bills for eternity.

I look forward to the s’mores we can toast on the bonfire we make out of this racism.

i usually don’t bother with these but I read the whole thing and I’m in teas. This is BEYOND horrible.

please don’t ignore the trigger warning on this one like I did. It’s a lot to stomach

I couldnt even get through the whole thing because it was so fucking horrible I just… fuck man. Makes my skin crawl. Jesus Christ. 

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

I don’t.

I don’t even know what to say right now.